Here Comes a "Gu"

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I didn’t expect anything like this. The exhibition really brought all wonderfully crazy minds together, lots of ideas changing and developing and inspiring. It's magic that we're all HERE supporting each other. I'm more interested in people who make things happen. Their attitude through the journey say much more about their lifestyle than their products.

Thank you every single one who involved in this journey. Wood not be HERE without all of you! Thanks to all the friends who came to find us and show your love. Glad to meet people who really care. It's everything to me!

HERE attracts the wildly pure young being than any corner of this exhibition. Gu is all about heart and feel good and our "Gu" puts a smile on your face whenever you see our things.

Mediocre @ Exhibition of Urban Lifestyle 2019

#WoodBeHere #Lifestyle #Design #Exhibition #VifaGu

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