Here Tiny Library

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

After waiting forever for the library in this small town, I still haven't seen one. Guess I had to do it with what I have at hand. Got my banana cart repaired and repainted, collect all my books and hit the road. Get well-known and unknown authors on wheel with me, take turn on street to remind people of our connection to the written world and how powerful it can be. The little book mobile where you can access to all great wisdom from profound truth to hilarious jokes. All for free. You got the idea.

Here Tiny Library run for only a few weeks before Rona came and shouted "Mask up everybody!" and just like that it shut down the town but we still had a good time sharing our favorite books and stories. We're gonna remember the first mobile library ever in town for long time. Wait! I have a feeling that Here Tiny Library might appear again any time soon!

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