Makati: What to expect?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Bangkal is a barangay in Makati where the string of thrift shops belong to. Bangkal has long been a go-to haunt for those who are looking for secondhand furniture and #decor. Shops are found near General Hizon Street. They have anything that still can be sold. I took a long walk from my place to wander around and I visited the very first store that catch my eyes, it's new comer in this area and belongs to Marie and her husband. He does refurnishing job and she takes care the sale. She's enthusiastically showed me her coffee grinders collection, Sungka wooden horse and many cool things. We talked about our mutual hobby - wooden furniture. Though I haven't found something that I can carry with me, I do have a new friendship with amazing Maria and it's worth more than any stuff I could bring back with me.

#Makati #thriftshop #secondhand #decor

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